Hunting and survival knife

A hunting knife designed by OPINEL

The hunter's best friend

A survival knife designed by OPINEL

Explore the wilderness with the right equipment

Technical datasheet

160 GRS
Length when open
26 cm
Length when closed
16 cm
Blade length
10 cm
Blade thickness
2,7 mm
Blade material
sandvik 12C27 mod. Stainless steel blade
Handle material
Fibreglass-reinforced polyamide to withstand shock, water, extreme temperatures.
Survival whistle
110 dB (300 m), pealess
Robust hook blade
cut by drawing (gutting hook)
Fire starter
to be rubbed on the back of the blade

Where to buy
No. 12 Explore?

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Decades of experience...

Since 1890, in Savoie, at the heart of the Alp mountains, Opinel has been manufacturing tools and pocket knives for all those who enjoy the outdoors.

Immersion activities in nature (bivouacs, adventure, survival experiences, hunting, fishing, etc.) require a thorough knowledge of the rhythm, dangers and potentials of the environment.

These activities also require robust, dependable and functional equipment.

The No. 12 Explore knife combines all of these key qualities and capabilities and has become the must-have tool for any type of immersion activity.

The strengths of the knife

The knife designed by OPINEL meets most hunters and hikers’ needs.

Everything it does is done correctly. In the wild, its accuracy and efficiency will be greatly appreciated!

  • Can be transported in your pocket or hung by a string
  • Retractable blade to avoid injury
  • Well-sized blade for excellent accuracy
  • Equipped with a gutting hook
  • Efficient and convenient fire starter
  • Safety whistle
  • All available features are easily accessible
  • Handle with excellent grip
  • Knife designed to last
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

How to use the hook and the fire starter

These two features are very simple to use as shown in the following diagrams.

To use the hook

To store the hook

To use lights fire