A short testimony on sustainable hunting

Respecting nature and the wildlife

Nature deserves our gratefulness for everything it brings us. We should be humble before something which is utterly beyond us and which we have found fascinating for thousands of years. Hunting is all about learning patience and establishing a unique relationship with the forest and the animal we are hunting.

In the end, the hunter always meets the game where it wasn’t planned. However, this quest, whether it is lost or won, will always remain an indelible connection and an experience which will stay in the hunter’s heart forever.

When the quest is more important than the kill

In this video, we are following a young hunter in the French Alps. During his hike in the mountains, he comes across several wild animals and even a herd. The hunter takes the time to choose a specific animal. He respectfully follows hunting rules when making his move by selecting an animal which will contribute to the herd’s stability.

Respectful of the environment he is exploring, this hunter only fires one single bullet during his mountain hike. The kill is gutted and carried away. The meat will be prepared and shared with another hunter around a campfire while the sun is setting...